Usher In Ultimate And Undisputed Dominance In Boom Beach


The very definition that Boom Beach is a huge, freemium multiplayer strategy game in the real-time online pathway was more than enough to get such a gaming enthusiast like me get hooked to it from the onset. Its advent on the stage led gamers like me to hog the app market and get it download as fast as I could. Running it on both iOS and Android is a user’s affirmative, I must say. The game is already sweeping people off their feet with its fantastic features and glorious semblance of the iconic Clash of Clans. For some who was equality baffled and smitten by its core, I was rather taken aback by the introductory stages of the game.

The currency is really simplified right from the beginning and the secondary currencies attain pivotal stature from the moment you start upgrading the headquarters. This portion becomes real interesting. The game’s combat nature is simply brilliant. Here, a player’s domain of influence and the reach of enemies remain rather small at the beginning. The parameters increase at your desired pace and timing. Unarguably, as friendly and interesting as the game is, it’s very crucial to remember that it is still a freemium game in its essence.

The resources, upgrading systems, building and recruiting are effectively premises depending on the timers. In this juncture, the sole alternative for gamers who don’t want to use premium currency for enhancing and expatiating the timers, use and hack boom beach which is a great idea. You can avoid spending real money and obtain all the resources beyond any limit. There’s no question of toiling to obtain the rewards and weapons to annihilate your foes. The generator gives you everything and in surplus. It means you don’t have to wait around.

When you enter the middle phase of Boom and additional currencies start to show up, you’ll find that this game develops an itchy and irksome habit of pushing you to instant upgrades of base buildings. You do this through the aforementioned currency. Gamers, who don’t want to step into such commercial groove or fiscal lures, are always tempted to go for the online tool, which is absolutely pertinent. Considering the fact that fights only take place after you start exploring new areas, which include coins and radar upgrades, or when you reclaim conquered islands, you’ll find that long session players can quickly understand that this game plays in its best form in small, more frequent sessions. Even I got the same hunch and vibe after playing for quite a long time now.

Now, let’s stay away from theatrics of freemium because that won’t get us anywhere. I would rather shy away from that part but I can surely say that the game’s pattern, style and quintessence fits excellently into my life. That’s the reason it never bothers or annoys me a bit. I’ve become a fan of these resourcefully articulated and streamlined game-play features. Needless to say, it does come with costs in certain spheres. Pertaining to base building duties, you can suffer losses in the domain of customization, but that’s pretty negligible.

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